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The full text of smart design that screams at girls

[Zhongguancun Online Projector Channel original] Men when the porters season has arrived. Good weather in spring is not only suitable for outing, for girls, it is also a good time to go shopping with a male partner. Often able to see that those who accompanied his wife shopping all the way to play mobile phones, a look of reluctance. At love bracelet screw fake this time, as a female compatriot, Xiaobian really want to go big and tell him: 'guy smashed! Bie then play mobile phone! Your wife shopping tired dog! She loves what you make ?! Of course this Love is not sure you!

Do not think girls shopping when the heart only buy buy, you know, shopping not only fight capital, fight eyesight, have to replica gold plated love bracelet fight physical, if not walk two miles on the backache, you still rest at home online shopping! Of course, many of my wife's compatriots are willing to spend money for his wife, that is too boring shopping street, especially when trying on shoes try shoes, one piece, one pair of change, it is simply mechanical movement. Such a moment is not only troublesome for fellow men, but in fact, for many girls, it is also troublesome. Trying on the clothes has to repeat the act of undressing several times. I am really happy and tired of what your wife needs when shopping Do not? Now there are many smart products for women users launched, Xiaobian estimated that designers of these products are estimated to be good comrades who had been my wife porter, ah, to be honest, these products are really good, from beauty, shopping, decoration, etc. Many aspects, a kind of shopping concept to be subverted feeling. Estimated that men are even more happy to see the product: X5S Cool Music Projector 2 virtual fitting: Snow White mirror

Virtual fitting: snow white mirror

Girls shopping will see clothes, try clothes naturally is inevitable, and even boys know that. However, in the fitting room try clothing there are many inconveniences, one is to wear off the trouble, the second is a lot of people out of the dressing room replica yellow gold love bracelet every day, in case some people mistrust the pinhole camera installed inside, it is estimated will become a new 'XX door' incident. The introduction of virtual fitting will be exempted from the troubles of such fitting. This product usually looks like an ordinary mirror, when the user needs fitting, only need to select the appropriate location in the gesture of clothing, clothing will be able to 'wear' on the body, to facilitate the trial who quickly observe the test The effect of the garment just needs to be standing in front of the mirror

Virtual dressing is also known as 'fitting mirror', which is through the infrared sensor technology to capture the contours and gestures of fitting, and contact selection, and then according to the distance between the fitting and mirror distance and fitting Body size calculation, so that the clothes 'wear' was fit, fitting clothes without taking off the clothes can be directly tested, very convenient Products: i700 BenQ projector 3 color high heels: the most fashionable fashion

Color high-heeled shoes: the most fashionable fashion

High-heeled shoes known as 'Cinderella's crystal shoes,' not only because it can instantly make girls instantly beautiful, but also because it has a so that all girls can not refuse the 'magic.' Believe that most girls are now almost all high-heeled shoes on the shoe figure. However, for girls, if you encounter a pair of very like high heels, choose what color down is a distressing thing, the same style to buy many pairs and think it is not worthwhile, but only choose a pair of clothing and more limited. Smart color high-heeled shoes is simply the 'most fashionable fashion,' the intimate design, a pair of shoes can change a variety of colors, very interesting color can change Hu Zhi heels

Designer discoloration heels Hu claimed that the original design is to reduce the phenomenon of shopping girls spending money, but have to say that although he did not know enough girls, but really for the girls developed a good product, no longer have to worry about clothes and shoes Hu with the problem can also change a variety of patterns

Color-changing heels, an electronic product called Volvorii, have an E Ink display on the surface that shows black, white and gray. There is also a shoe inside the wireless rechargeable battery and Bluetooth components, you can use the matching phone APP to select the display effect. This screen can not only display solid color, but also transform a variety of patterns, so that a pair of shoes instantly become a lot of pairs of shoes, cool enough!

Product: V5 Mobile Huayi Projector 4 million handbag: charging, sensing all have

Universal handbag: charging, sensing all have

It is said that the shoes worn by a girl can see her quality of life, but the bag she wore is able to see her temperament, if you choose a bag, would you choose practicality or is it Choose a brand halo it? Obviously, with the popularity of smart design, handbag is no longer just a tool to carry items, charging, smart voice alerts, etc., only you can not think, there is no smart love bracelet with screwdriver fake can not charge the handbag

A fashionable handbag that can provide charging services for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets becomes the new favorite of people, especially female users. The product includes an internal power supply 'Phorce Pro Smart Power Core' that charges the device, charges the device with a universal cable and supports charging for multiple regions in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia plug. And this product can also provide to inform power, charging time, loss of warning and other functions not only smart bags can be used to carry items

If you can provide charging service 'universal handbag' has made you very shocking, then the product described later will be even more incredible. Developed by a research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a smart handbag can sense what the owner has forgotten to bring with a sensor, then remind it in the form of an intelligent voice, and can promptly remind the weather conditions, etc. The product is very sweet: L102W + NEC projector 5 smart decorations: can 'change face' of the stuff

Smart decorations: can 'change face' stuff

It can be said that no girl can refuse the temptation of decorations, even if you do not like necklaces, may also like bracelets; even if you do not like bracelets, you may like the ring; even if you do not like the ring, may also like the delicate hairpin. And now Xiaobian to inventory for everyone, is a change of color and pattern bracelet and not only can change the color, but also to accept calls and text messages ring.
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