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Hey everyone. Jason Lee here. In this video we're going to speak about the best ways to promote Clickfunnels. The first thing I'm going to teach you is how to promote Clickfunnels utilizing either a blog site or a website. It's pretty, quite obvious, however I'm going to walk you through basically exactly what you're experiencing right now viewing this video and reading this post.

How to Promote Clickfunnels As A Blog writer

First exactly what you're going to want to do if you're a blogger is you're going to want to come by to Google and use their autosuggest tool. By autosuggest, what I indicate is when you enter the word clickfunnels in Google here and you struck area, it's going to provide you a list of words. You can start by typing in each letter A, B, C, D, and after that picking for example, clickfunnels examine, choosing a phrase and working from there.

Think about the target

Remember that you're going to wish to think about what are the specific niches, exactly what are the businesses, who are individuals who are going to require or want this service the most? It's finest to go after those targets. I want to personally pursue low hanging fruit initially, so if I can discover a specific niche that's actually hungry for this service, I'm going to try to find keywords and keyword phrases that I think that specific niche is going to be looking up online.

So for example, clickfunnels evaluate. If I strike go into after typing in clickfunnels evaluate in the autosuggest feature of Google, I'll get a list of searches. Here on top you'll find the really leading carrying out articles, so if you want to write a post using this keyword phrase, you can go into this short article and see exactly what it is that they did in their post to strike the top post in Google which gets one of the most traffic.

This top position post here on Google for click funnels evaluation is going to get about 66% of the traffic on this whole page.

That's why the number one spot is so effective.

Down at the bottom you're visiting a category called searches related to the expression you went into. So for this specific phrase we got in, its clickfunnels evaluate, we're going to see a list of keyword expressions. These ready keyword expressions to use in your post as hyperlinks or anchor text.

Anchor Text

I prefer to produce anchor text using these associated phrases down here and either connect to other pages on my site if I talk about those things or link off the website to uncompetitive pages like Wikipedia and things like that in order to assist Google much better comprehend that my page is relevant for this search phrase, click funnels evaluations in particular. So, that's how to begin. When you start to deep dive after you have actually clicked one of theses for example, like click funnels pricing, I can come down once again and at the bottom I'm going to get searches connected to that term.

You're going to want to continue doing this till you find phrases that you believe are going to benefit you to go after based upon your niche and your area of competence. That's ultimately how we concerned discover this expression, how to promote clickfunnels. There's two types of individuals who are going to be clicking on this link on the homepage here. So, when you scroll down the homepage there's 10 outcomes.

There's going to be essentially 2 kinds of individuals that are going to be clicking on these links.

There are going to be individuals that are either currently associated with clickfunnels and so they're trying to find out how to generate income with the affiliate program that clickfunnels has, which uses a 40% commission. We'll enter into the back office into the control panel and I'll show you what that appears like here shortly, and then there's going to be individuals who have actually not yet bought clickfunnels or tried the 14 day totally free trial or signed up with the subscription.

Those people are aiming to figure out how do I promote this platform, so they might be affiliate marketers, and how do I earn money with this platform prior to they pull the trigger on it so that they can really have the service spent for and get off to the races really quick by promoting it when they sign up. I would envision it's a small portion, 10 to 20%, however hey, that's the low hanging fruit we're after.

So if you are among those types of individuals who has actually not yet bought click funnels and you're here searching ways to promote it, congratulations, you are exactly the type of individual that I was attempting to target in this post. We're walking through today exactly how we do this personally using blogging.

We're going to get into some other approaches too.

We'll speak about those, however today we're concentrated on blogging and I'm showing you with keyword research how we do that. So the next thing you're going to do if you're a blogger is you're going to boil down here to the number one article. I prefer to take a look at the title, How to Promote ClickFunnels.

He simply uses the phrase and it looks like he utilizes a pipe bar and then sort of provides another explanation of exactly what that means.

ClickFunnels, Tutorials and Resources

Not a bad title. You take a look at the meta description, see how she or he published that and they consist of the keyword expression in the meta description, which readies. When you go to the post and you open the post, I want to take a look at the images and the media and the titles and the headings and see exactly what that looks like. See what I'm dealing with. The word count, I likewise prefer to take a look at that.

For how long is the article?

How extensive is this short article?

Immediately you can see the media, the images are really good. The titles are keyword-rich and generally they've structured this into 4 sections, the best ways to promote clickfunnels utilizing this platform, YouTube, the best ways to promote clickfunnels through blog or website, the best ways to promote clickfunnels with social networks, how to promote clickfunnels to companies. Then I prefer to take a look at their anchor text and their hyperlinks.

Notice here there's one that states clickfunnels is a helpful tool. Well, when I open that up where does it go? It goes to another page on their site that relates to clickfunnels also, which informs me they're definitely an affiliate. Then they have other it appears like affiliate links here for programs like Screen Cast-O-Matic and other platforms that they utilize to promote those and make affiliate commissions from those also.

However it's not a long post, possibly 1,000 words.

Each platform is its own search engine.

YouTube is its own online search engine, Google is its own online search engine. You can get traffic in either location no matter what medium you're using to convey the message. But that's how you utilize your blog site or your site to promote clickfunnels. Obviously you're going to need an affiliate link, so let's encounter the clickfunnels control panel and show you what that appears like.

Your Clickfunnels Affiliate Link

So on clickfunnels when you first get registered under the account tab you're visiting a link down here at the bottom of the drop down title Affiliates. That's where you can register to become a clickfunnels affiliate. When you do you'll have a dashboard. I was never truly promoting clickfunnels that hard. I chose about seven days ago to begin pushing it with blog posts and seeing exactly what we can do. It really worked out respectable.

You can see here over the, I indicate we've just made like 2,700 bucks life time incomes, probably over the in 2015 so we haven't pressed it hard, but appearance, over the last 7 days we made like 350 bucks. Over the last 30 days we made 400 dollars.

That's continuous commission, right?

On a monthly basis it's a membership-based platform so each month this amount or more is going to be available in based on how many more individuals we put into the program.

Clickfunnels is an amazing program.


Ideally you found worth in this click funnels Ways to Promote ClickFunnels short article and this The best ways to Promote ClickFunnels video. Once again, in full openness the affiliate links here will offer us credit if you decide to sign up, but we will build you a free sales funnel inside this platform and we will assist you, coach you a little bit if you require it.

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