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Men and women should wear love bracelet cartier white gold replica a silverware on the body

Concerned about the WeChat shoushutong surgery platform, direct appointment of the top three hospital surgical experts, so that experts develop the most appropriate treatment for patients in a week to arrange surgery in ancient times, both men and women wearing bracelets, women wearing silver bracelets are married symbol, Men copy white gold cartier love bracelet price wearing bracelets as a symbol of identity Modern medicine believes that: silver can bactericidal anti-inflammatory, detoxification health, longevity, long-term use, can play to speed up the metabolism and enhance the role of resistance. Can often be seen wearing silver jewelry, there is no harm to health benefits hundred female silver bracelet is very beautiful, but also good for the body. Silver has an interesting feature, anti-oxidation silver and durability of the luster with personal physique, people with good physique will wear the more bright, and if the constitution of the weaker body toxins, sterling silver jewelry may soon Will be black, just like the ancient people with a silver needle to test whether the poisonous wine, toxic, then the silver needle will immediately darken so often wear sterling silver jewelry, can help excretion of toxins in the body, with a silver bracelet or silver jewelry What are the benefits ? 1 silver ions white gold love bracelet cartier fake have a strong bactericidal effect

Silver contains silver ions, silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect on the human body is very good. In addition, the thermal conductivity of silver is the most prominent in all metals, the rapid distribution of blood vessels of the heat, this sharp thermal conductivity quickly reduce blood heat, prevent various diseases have excellent efficacy 2 silver also has the function of absorbing toxic

Silver also has a toxic absorption function, which is one of the reasons it discoloration, so it has excellent disinfection performance, this discoloration is only a surface reaction, with toothpaste or drugs can be eliminated. 3 silver has a good health care role

Regular wear silverware can not only neutralize toxic substances in the human body, but also accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, and purify the water quality and preservation of the role of preservation. Mongolian herdsmen like to use fresh silverware for milk. Modern science has proved silverware fresh milk, there is a scientific basis, because:

A. dissolved in a trace amount of silver ions, can kill bacteria in milk to prevent milk pre owned cartier love bracelet deterioration

B. Containing milk with silverware, can complement the body necessary silver element

C. silver is easy to heat, cool milk quickly

D. Silver chemical stability, silver durable

Second, it has other effects 1 anti-inflammatory

Since ancient times, the beauty of women like to wear pierced ears, ear piercing people know that if you just wear a pair of earrings pierced earrings, a few hundred percent to be inflamed, and wear silver earrings, not only will not Inflammatory, and the wound healed quickly.
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