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Each of the finale of Altman defeat is a thought-provoking story

Altman series is a series of fantasy telecast series from the 1960s filmed by 'Okuya' produced by Yasuhiko Iguchi, one of the gods of Japan. With the 1966 'Ott Q' led by the same year, 'Altman' began, the establishment of a 'great hero and monster battle' mode. Do you know all the ending of the Altman series? Let's take a look at it. The human sciences in the first generation were very, very powerful and powerful enough to produce weapons similar to the Spitzer rays of light in a very short period birkins handbags replica of time to deal with the Balthasar who were afraid of the Spasim element, The end, the Altman was defeated by the cosmic dinosaur Jayden, the color timer stops flashing, the first generation of stone as stationary; after humans hit the explosion with the latest weapons hit, Altman was Zofi back M78 nebula, And gave Wakada a life Waking up early still remember in the first episode of the situation, it can be judged, birkin bag style replica Hayata and Altman after the separation and the combination of Ottoman memories were all taken away, but it seems Altman re- And early morning fit this memory will come back on the ending of Zofi fragment, Zofi seems to think that humans should deal with the protection of monsters indeed, then the protected earth is interesting, in the dream Biou Si in the water captain to clarify their past, in fact A member of Costell's Cosmic Forces, was rescued by Zofi before being attacked by a flying saucer, and was saddened to hear the end of Zofi's voice. The first is the power of running out of race, can not be as gorgeous as the other Altman to solve the final BOSS, but spell out the only beat Ponton, really spell ah, even the light on the shot are not Out, that kind of sincere poor. Before the final words, Sowine's boss appeared and summoned the text back to the universe because the long battle on Earth, physical and mental exhaustion almost to the limit, which is the only other Altman appeared in the game, and the last match defeated After cosmic man and also see their transfiguration of the Anu members bid farewell, and finally flew back to earth M78 Nebula cultivation. Overall the series is more sad reminder of the outcome Jack Altman itself called 'Altman return', is a round valley to remake the image of the first generation of Altman's work, although it is another Altman, but Set, stature are very similar, almost just one more Ott bracelet. However, Jack's story is much richer than the first generation, and the hermes birkin brown copy character of Xiang Xiu Shu is also more tasteful. Jack's ending is similar to that of the first generation, both birkin hermes price fake against Jayden, this is the second generation of Jayton, Jack is very proud to defeat the second generation Jayton, for the first generation of Altman fiercely resentment, and left the Oath five vows left the earth.

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