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The collection of white jade non-gray craft value can surpass the material

'Ordinary people gambling stone can not afford to hurt, do not rush to participate.' In the Guangzhou Daily on the Grand Theater last weekend, held jointly by the copy cartier love pink gold bracelet Guangzhou Cultural Heritage Treasury 'White Jade and jade collection will', the Chinese arts and crafts Feng Chi Wen told the readers here that most of the betting stones in the market that have claimed hundreds of thousands of yuan fake pink gold cartier love bracelet have been 'checked' by the experts for many times and will not have much chance of 'picking up leaks', so do not rush into business without the guidance of experts In two big money management lectures on Saturday, Wang Wenwang, a crafts artist in Shanxi Province, and Feng Zhiwen, a Chinese arts and crafts artist, each put on a collection of private lessons for readers of the Guangzhou Daily. Wang Wang Wang brought readers a variety of white jade specimens, carefully introduced the characteristics of different jade species and distinguish points, but also on the current market in the main way of fraud and identification vivid 'Secret' so that readers open Eye is thrown out copy cartier love bracelet yellow gold size 16 of glass is not a good jade

Although the collection market is subject to major environmental changes and adjustments, the market basically remains stable. 'In fact, the current trend in the market is small pieces of jewelry, the main part of the game, but also the people like it, can afford those, but the material must be genuine.' Wang Wang Wang said that changes require technology division to master their own production The direction, and for ordinary collectors, one is to exercise the identification of true and false eyes, the second is to raise the aesthetic level. 'At present, at least 60% of the circulation goods in the market are Korean materials, hand pieces, brands, bracelets and ornaments, and the market price is relatively low. The buyers who do not know the goods often think it is white jade.' In addition, Out of the feeder is white, the price is cheap, it is also easy to confuse novices, Wang Wang stressed the importance of careful comparison of weight, identify the bubbles there are some readers asked whether Bai Yu Bai as well, Wang Wang said that in theory is so , But to remind them not to excessive pursuit of jade white: 'If the white and not run, not clean, it is better to be green.' He told everyone to buy jade 'rather green', because the gray will never change, and green Material may also turn white. In addition, he also stressed that jade can not be bright, was thrown out of the glass light is not a good jade: 'jade with white jade is different from polished jade is certainly defective, or not enough density.'

For readers to discuss the issue of technology, Wang reputation that the perfect material, after all, less, if the black spots are small, Qiao carved into fine: 'White is not flawed is wrong, if well designed and carved, may be a must.' '

Process value can exceed the material limitations

'Your emerald earrings are A goods, but too small, want to invest or buy bigger.' Just read the emerald earrings the reader hastily picked off, Feng Zhiwen gave the identification results, and 'submission' of the woman Also frankly: 'I want to buy bigger ah, but not daring, so I came to learn in class.' The reporters found that in the afternoon of the Jade Appreciation Lecture, the audience came to the scene each wearing one or two kinds of jadeite jewelry. These collectors all agree with the wearing and hedging value-added features of jadeite, but for the mixed market is quite frightened fake cartier gold bracelet Feng Zhiwen believes that collectors to learn to grasp the material, on the other hand, he also stressed that the value of the process often beyond the material Limitations: 'There is also no limit to material and form, in order to truly understand the value of craft.' In addition, he also stressed that, like white jade and emerald, we must wear to wear through time to show the content, the pleasure of the collection is to enjoy The process of their change. 1. Hand rubbing white feel warm moist Keren 2. Northern buckwheat with buckthorn bag, put white jade inside, across the bag Mogan, so about 10 days white jade dish very beautiful 3. Note white jade in hand When the plate, with a rope tied jade wrist, to prevent slipping.
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