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Gamblers set up gambling gazes on the brightly dressed single women

The original title: 仨 people partner to set up gambling passengers cheated travelers money

On the grounds of soliciting at the train station, they stare at the beautiful single women who just got off the train and then cheat the other fake cartier love bracelet gold into the pre-rented room ...

They lied to have other passengers during which time they won the passengers' cellphones, gold jewelery and other belongings in a pre-arranged sequence of poker cards, finally hurried to flee. At this point, they also reminded the public that they should always guard their traps and protect their personal and property safety. As a large number of passengers walked out of the station, they stared at the beautifully dressed single women and premeditated to trick others into playing poker Property, while the country, Liang and involved Xiaomou (handled separately) in early March 2016 to use such a way to get money in advance of their division of labor by Xiaomou responsible for long-distance bus soliciting outside the train station, Passengers who are preparing to travel are lured into already rented rooms and they lied to have other passengers waiting. During the period, a country, Liang Mou and then playing the other party with playing poker It is reported that they started not to win the money, and gradually some people say 'no money is not meaningless, or play money to win, say no play Big. 'At the beginning, the country a, Liang and others allow travelers to win money, cartier 10 diamond love bracelet so that the other party to enjoy the sweetness Subsequently, the country, Liang play more and more, bet also increased, and they used prior arrangement Well-ordered poker plays with travelers, 'Someone is going to fan in and say that travelers will win this time, cheating travelers to put their cash, cell phones and gold jewelery on the table, and the end result is that they have won travelers , Then took away the passenger's property to escape, they then agreed ratio into. '

One day in March 2016, Guo Moumou, Liang Mou and Xiaomou used this method to defraud the victim for a total of 100 yuan in cash, one mobile phone (worth 4,600 yuan), one gold necklace (worth 14,507 yuan), a gold bracelet (Worth RMB 5,181 yuan) In addition, the state and the involved persons Shen Mou, Wu Mou, Cao (handled separately), in early April 2015 using the same means to defraud the victim Liu Mou 3400 yuan in cash, a mobile cartier 18k gold bracelet replica phone (worth 1800 yuan One gold necklace (worth 2121 yuan), one gold pendant (worth copy cartier bracelet gold 2046 yuan) and one gold ring (worth 1195 yuan). After the money was cheated, passengers suddenly realized, then the police a few days ago, Shenyang Huanggu District People's Court found the facts of the trial, the country, Liang Mouxian fraud conviction. State was sentenced to two years imprisonment, fined 40,000; Liang was sentenced to six months a year, fined 30,000.
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