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Per carat the United States weekly gold jewelry gold content is not up to standard

Valuable luxury jewelry may also be water. City Industrial and Commercial Bureau yesterday announced cartier love bangle diamond the monitoring results of jewelry products, 56 pieces of unqualified jewelry is not noble metal purity standards, and some false label. Among them, the well-known 'every gram of Latin America,' a thousand gold bracelet gold content is not standard, a diamond pendant diamond unqualified, 'Chow Sang Sang' brand found an 18K gold bracelet gold diamond cartier love bracelet content is not up According to business people introduced this The minor monitoring samples mainly involved jewelry jade jewelry and precious metal jewelry. Monitoring found that some precious metal jewelry precious metal content unqualified, mainly for the purity of precious metals and labeling values ​​do not match per gram Latin America (Beijing) diamond a thousand gold bracelets, gold content is not standard, Beijing Oriental Arts Jane filigree mosaic plant ' Art Jewelry '990 silver children's bracelets and child locks, non-compliance silver content Monitoring also found that some jewelry and jade jewelry name and logo mark the wrong question, such as logo will be' synthetic cubic zirconia 'as' zircon ',' Dyed pearls 'as' pearls cartier bracelet gold replica 'and so on. Shenzhen Chow Tai-sheng Diamond Jewelry Co., Ltd. 'Golden Elephant Jewelry,' a natural crystal string, measured as agate, is not a nominal crystal. Beijing Yi Lei Cui Yu margin Jewelry Co., Ltd. sales of 'Cui Yu Yuan' white bracelet, measured as marble, not white, coral necklaces are also stained. Beijing Diyuan Mall 'Cui Bao edge,' fake cartier 18k gold bracelet Burmese jade bracelets, measured as bleach filling processing emerald, is not a nominal jade Business people said the jade false label on the one hand the consumer may be misled on the purchase behavior, against consumers The right to know; the other hand, due to the relatively high value of such goods, consumers will have greater economic losses. After the list of unqualified products was announced in the past, there will always be a 'purchase of the batch of consumers with consumer credentials returned,' but the reporter learned that, unlike common food and clothing, jewelry is a single commodity production of precious goods, There is a big difference between individuals, there is no batch concept, so the monitoring result only shows that there is a problem with the sampled products.
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