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Two people nominated China good people mortal virtues were commended

Wang Xiu Min, a female employee of the supermarket, picked up more than 300,000 yuan of gold jewelry to pick up gold, while Auxiliary Police Yang Shing captured 12 criminals for 12 years in a courageous move. Many people were touched by their stories. Not long ago, these two citizens were short-listed in the list of good people in China. Peace Zone Civilization Office and Public Security Peace Branch jointly awarded them awards in recognition of their mortal kindness fake love bracelet screwdriver Last April 28, 19 am, a gold shop female employees with a bag worth more than 300,000 yuan in gold jewelry, passing Rongrong Li China Resources Wan convenience stores, bought a bottle of mineral water, cashier payment, easily 'gold bag' on the ground. Wang Xiumin supermarket clerk found the bag open to see, which actually was a pile of yellow, golden jewelry. She received a good wait for a period of time, still not see the owner came back to find, then the alarm police rushed to the spot, count the 'gold bag', a total of gold bracelets, necklaces and pendants 150, and more than 14,000 yuan in cash and copy love bracelets for couples two ID cards , A courier. The day after tomorrow morning, gold shop staff found that 'gold bag' is lost, rushed to the supermarket and gold shop owner, lost property recovered. Female staff again and again to Wang Xiu Min thanked the other party straightforward answer: 'More gold is also no conscience important, if the greed of gold on the lost conscience, then you can feel at ease?' Because of the return of gold, she shortlisted 'China good man In the zone of peace and security police auxiliary police, there is a big brother was peer called the area of ​​law and order 'live map', courageous 'professional households', he is Xiaobailou police auxiliary Yang Cheng. Xiaobailou area how much area, how many streets, how many residential buildings, and even how many alley, his heart is clear. This makes him in the process of the police can accurately grasp the best shortcut to choose the direction, so that criminals nowhere to run. Auxiliary police need to dispose of all kinds of emergencies at any time, in the face of knife criminals, he is also intimidating bravely face. At 23:30 on March 2, 2011, they received an alarm and five criminals robbed two men of property in a machete at Yingkou Road. The police led Yang Cheng and others rushed to the scene. Hunting, a suspect fled to the water company hospital. Yang Cheng hot pursuit, the suspect waving a machete rushed to him, his hands clinging to the suspect hold the hand, neatly fell to the ground captured and brought to justice. In the past 12 years, he cartier new love bracelet copy successively captured more than 100 illegal criminals with the aid of civilian police and was commended 11 times by the Association for Righteousness and Validity in the Urban love bracelet screw replica Area. Yang Cheng said that in his heart, as long as he can stay in the post every day, his heart is down to earth. He can alarm the police and pay more attention to a bad guy and he is glad in his heart.
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