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High pressure raymond mill relative to ordinary mill, with higher efficiency and finer fineness of the mill. In the high pressure Raymond grinding ore processing, there will be a variety of failures, thereby affecting the smooth operation of milling operations, plugging is one of the common. Once the mine high pressure Raymond mill blockage, it will seriously affect the correct operation of equipment, not only delayed milling process, but also directly affect the user's economic returns. So, ore high pressure Raymond mill jamming causes and solutions what?1, the feed size is too large. If the size of the ore material is too large, it is easy to cause the material in the feeding process to appear stuck in the feed inlet occurs, which will directly cause high pressure Raymond mill ore blockage. To this end, we have to strictly control the feed size, so as to avoid excessive particle size caused by ore high pressure Raymond mill blockage.2, causing too fast feed blockage. When the staff of the ore high pressure Raymond mill feed too fast, it will cause the grinding chamber material accumulation, thereby reducing the production capacity of the equipment, and ultimately Zhao Cheng ore high pressure Raymond mill blockage. Therefore, if it is caused by the cause of feed blockage, the user should first clear the feed inlet material, and change the feeding method, by increasing the feeding amount of feed control methods to achieve the purpose of adjusting the feed rate, thereby preventing high pressure ore Raymond mill blocked.3, equipment load operation. Any equipment has a certain load limit, once the ore high-pressure Raymond mill oversupply state for a long time, it will lead to equipment overload due to prone to blockage. At the same time, overload will cause the motor overload operation, resulting in severe motor burnout phenomenon, affecting the normal operation of milling equipment. Therefore, when we use high pressure Raymond grinding ore, we must choose the right Raymond mill model according to the actual situation, and the equipment is working, the current is controlled at 85% of the rated current to improve the blocking phenomenon.In addition to the above points, if the high-pressure ore Raymond wear parts appear aging, but also easy to make the formation of clogging powder production. Therefore, we are in the daily use of high pressure Raymond mill ore, pay attention to the maintenance of equipment, regular inspection of the performance of the various components, so as to avoid clogging due to aging parts.

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