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Raymond mill rolling bearing installation method1 Before assembling rolling bearings, the bearing should be measured with the size, according to the choice of the bearing rust-proof way to choose the appropriate method of cleaning; bearings should be no damage, no rust, rotation should be flexible and no abnormal sound.2 temperature differential method with rolling bearings, the bearing is heated to a temperature not higher than 100 ℃; be cooled not lower than 80 ℃.3 bearing outer ring and bearing housing or box hole with the device should comply with the provisions of technical documents. For split bearing or open box, split joint surface should be no gap; bearing outer ring and bearing seat symmetrical centerline within 120 ° and the bearing cover symmetrical centerline 90 ° should be in uniform contact, and 0.03mm feeler gauge should be used to check the length should be less than one-third of the length of the outer ring. Bearing outer ring and the bearing housing or the opening of the box between the semi-circular hole may not clamp phenomenon.4 bearing and shoulder or bearing shoulder should be close; taper roller bearings and radial ball bearings and shoulder clearance of not more than 0.05mm, and other bearings should not exceed the gap of 0.1mm. The bearing cap and washers must be smooth and should be flush against the end face of the bearing. When the equipment technical documents are provided, according to the provisions of the gap.5 Both ends of the assembly shaft with radial clearance can not be adjusted, and the axial displacement of the shaft is defined by the two end caps to the radial bearings, should leave a gap. When the equipment technical documents without provisions, leaving the gap desirable 0.2 ~ 0.4mm.6 radial bearings, needle roller bearings, screw roller bearings should be flexible after assembly. When using grease bearings, the assembly of the bearing cavity should be filled with 65% -80% cavity volume of cleaning grease, but thin oil-lubricated bearings, shall not be filled with grease.7 Raymond mill single row radial ball bearings, radial thrust tapered roller bearings, radial ball thrust bearings mounted on the journal and the bearing within the axial preload (axial pre-interference) should be bearing Standard or technical equipment provisions of the implementation of the document.

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