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As we all know, in recent years, the rapid development of the domestic construction industry. In the construction process, construction site will produce a lot of construction waste, which is the problem we must solve now. In this case, the effective recovery of urban construction waste is the way to solve these construction waste, which is the inevitable trend of future development. The impact of construction waste on the living environment is universal, vague and lagging. Universality is objective, but its ambiguity and lag will reduce its concern, cause the pollution of eco-geological environment, seriously undermine urban sanitation, worsen living conditions and hinder the healthy development of cities. The impact of construction waste on the urban environment can not be ignored. The construction waste crusher came into being.

Analysis of building waste harm to society: 1, construction waste occupies land, affecting soil fertility. At present, most of China's construction waste is not directly disposed to the suburbs. It is estimated that 10,000 tons of waste are accumulated on 67 square meters of land. In addition, the construction waste on the soil destruction is extremely serious. Open storage of urban construction waste enters the nearby soil under external force, changing the material composition of the soil, destroying the soil structure and reducing soil productivity. Heavy metals in construction waste can chemically react with a variety of factors, which increase the level of heavy metals in the soil and lead to increased levels of heavy metals in nearby crops. This destruction of land is enormous.

2, affect the air quality. In the process of stacking construction waste, some organic matter can be decomposed to generate harmful gas under the action of temperature, moisture and the like. Bacteria and dust in the trash are blown away, causing air pollution. A small amount of flammable construction waste incineration process will produce toxic carcinogens, resulting in two kinds of air pollution, pollutants as air into the body, have a certain impact on health.

3. Water pollution. In the process of stacking and landfilling of construction waste, surface water and groundwater will cause serious pollution due to leaching and rainwater leaching, erosion and surface water, groundwater infiltration, sewage leachate or leachate. In built-up areas, infiltrating water from construction wastes is usually highly alkaline and has heavy levels of heavy metal ions, hydrogen sulphide and a certain amount of organic matter that if left uncontrolled, allowing them to enter rivers, lakes or into the ground will result in Surface and groundwater pollution, this damage is irreversible.Pay attention to the speed of ultrafine grinding feed

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