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It is never a good idea to place a wager based strictly on a system or on a trend or because of an injury or just because of a weather concern Stephone Anthony Saints Jersey , the reason why of course is because you can bet your bottom dollar that the odds maker also knows of these factors as well and has already made the adjustments.

Why would the odds maker make adjustments you ask? Simply put my friend, the reason why is because the odds maker already knows what today's “Joe Public” bettor will do and that is to pounce on the system or trend play or in the case of bad weather jump on the “UNDER” and when hearing about an injury jump on the opposing team like there is no tomorrow.

Personally, when hearing of a team suffering an injury to virtually any player with the exception of the QB, I have found it very profitable to play the ole “wait and see” game, meaning that later in the week once Joe Public has influenced the line that value will probably be found on the side of the team with the injury!

Below you will find a couple of NFL system plays dated since 1990 that have been quite profitable because of the fact that they are very uncommon in frequency and secondly because they combine solid handicapping theory Andrus Peat Saints Jersey , meaning that there is rhyme and reason as to why they occur!

1) Play against teams playing their 3rd consecutive road game if they lost the 1st game and won the 2nd game. 15-4-1 ATS 79%

What makes this system so useful is the fact that it is based on straight up wins and losses in a teams previous two games which allows a handicapper to see a prevailing pattern, in this pattern the team in question falls into two different handicapping situations that cannot be overlooked as the team in question will not only be in “Road Weary” mode, but they will also be in a prime spot for a “Letdown”.

2) Play against a team playing their 3rd consecutive home game if they are a dog of more than 3 points and they lost their 2 previous games in straight up fashion. 10-4 ATS 72%

Like the above system, is a very uncommon but very effective situation indeed when considering that six different teams played three straight home games during the 2003 season but none ended up classifying for the system.

The last time this system came into play happened at the end of the 2001 season when the Panthers of Carolina played host to the Patriots after coming off consecutive home losses to St. Louis and Arizona.

Those of us that were fortunate enough to have wagered on New England in that contest were rewarded with a 38-6 Patriot win and cover! So, the marriage is over. You're just not in love anymore. The next step is a divorce Vonn Bell Saints Jersey , or is it? Before you take that final step, think about what your life will be afterwards.

If you have debts together, they will follow you into your new life. You'll have to replace a lot of property. One or both of you will have to move. Once you do, you will have to learn to live without the financial support of the other.

If you have kids, there are even more issues. They will only live with one of you. No matter what your arrangements Sheldon Rankins Saints Jersey , one of you will probably be relegated to a part time parent role.

If you find someone else, you're ability to build a life with them will be compromised. You will still be paying your old debts. You may have alimony due to your ex-spouse. support payments can also be a big financial drain.

Perhaps the hardest thing you will face after your divorce is your own psychological problems. Don't get offended. I'm not saying you're certifiable. But, you have to admit, it takes two to tango, and learning a new dance won't be easy. After all Clay Harbor Jersey , you are still the same person who chose to marry your current spouse. You are going to be inclined to make the same assumptions and have the same expectations. You are also likely to be attracted to the same things that drew you to your spouse.

There are some relationships that have to end. If you are being abused, this observation is not addressed to you. You can't get out of your relationship fast enough.

However, if you're just bored, you should think a lot harder before you end your marriage. Instead of thinking about what is wrong with your spouse, think of the things you and he she did when your love was new. What hobbies and activities did you enjoy together? Who were your friends? What kinds of things made you both laugh?

Reconciliation may not be easy. To be successful Manti Te'o Jersey , it will require both of you to honestly analyze how you interact with each other. You will have to work on being courteous and respectful, just like you were when you were dating. You will have to have honest conversations about what is important to you, and learn to ignore petty disagreements. It won't be easy. You may even need counseling. However, building a life is like anything else worth doing. The greatest rewards are the ones that take time to earn. Time is all you have to invest, and if you are successful Ted Ginn Jr Jersey , you will have the marriage you wanted in the first place.

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Lucille P. Uttermohlen is a family law attorney with 27 years experience. Her specialties include divorce, paternity, adoption, guardianship, probate and criminal law. To learn more about the divorce process John Phillips Jersey , visit Lucille at Couple-Or-Not

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