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The full text of smart design that screams at girls

[Zhongguancun Online Projector Channel original] Men when the porters season has arrived. Good weather in spring is not only suitable for outing, for girls, it is also a good time to go shopping with a male partner. Often able to see that those who accompanied his wife shopping all the way to play mobile phones, a look of reluctance. At love bracelet screw fake this time, as a female compatriot, Xiaobian really want to go big and tell him: 'guy smashed! Bie then play mobile phone! Your wife shopping tired dog! She loves what you make ?! Of course this Love is not sure you!

Do not think girls shopping when the heart only buy buy, you know, shopping not only fight capital, fight eyesight, have to replica gold plated love bracelet fight physical, if not walk two miles on the backache, you still rest at home online shopping! Of course, many of my wife's compatriots are willing to spend money for his wife, that is too boring shopping street, especially when trying on shoes try shoes, one piece, one pair of change, it is simply mechanical movement. Such a moment is not only troublesome for fellow men, but in fact, for many girls, it is also troublesome. Trying on the clothes has to repeat the act of undressing several times. I am really happy and tired of what your wife needs when shopping Do not? Now there are many smart products for women users launched, Xiaobian estimated that designers of these products are estimated to be good comrades who had been my wife porter, ah, to be honest, these products are really good, from beauty, shopping, decoration, etc. Many aspects, a kind of shopping concept to be subverted feeling. Estimated that men are even more happy to see the product: X5S Cool Music Projector 2 virtual fitting: Snow White mirror

Virtual fitting: snow white mirror

Girls shopping will see clothes, try clothes naturally is inevitable, and even boys know that. However, in the fitting room try clothing there are many inconveniences, one is to wear off the trouble, the second is a lot of people out of the dressing room replica yellow gold love bracelet every day, in case some people mistrust the pinhole camera installed inside, it is estimated will become a new 'XX door' incident. The introduction of virtual fitting will be exempted from the troubles of such fitting. This product usually looks like an ordinary mirror, when the user needs fitting, only need to select the appropriate location in the gesture of clothing, clothing will be able to 'wear' on the body, to facilitate the trial who quickly observe the test The effect of the garment just needs to be standing in front of the mirror

Virtual dressing is also known as 'fitting mirror', which is through the infrared sensor technology to capture the contours and gestures of fitting, and contact selection, and then according to the distance between the fitting and mirror distance and fitting Body size calculation, so that the clothes 'wear' was fit, fitting clothes without taking off the clothes can be directly tested, very convenient Products: i700 BenQ projector 3 color high heels: the most fashionable fashion

Color high-heeled shoes: the most fashionable fashion

High-heeled shoes known as 'Cinderella's crystal shoes,' not only because it can instantly make girls instantly beautiful, but also because it has a so that all girls can not refuse the 'magic.' Believe that most girls are now almost all high-heeled shoes on the shoe figure. However, for girls, if you encounter a pair of very like high heels, choose what color down is a distressing thing, the same style to buy many pairs and think it is not worthwhile, but only choose a pair of clothing and more limited. Smart color high-heeled shoes is simply the 'most fashionable fashion,' the intimate design, a pair of shoes can change a variety of colors, very interesting color can change Hu Zhi heels

Designer discoloration heels Hu claimed that the original design is to reduce the phenomenon of shopping girls spending money, but have to say that although he did not know enough girls, but really for the girls developed a good product, no longer have to worry about clothes and shoes Hu with the problem can also change a variety of patterns

Color-changing heels, an electronic product called Volvorii, have an E Ink display on the surface that shows black, white and gray. There is also a shoe inside the wireless rechargeable battery and Bluetooth components, you can use the matching phone APP to select the display effect. This screen can not only display solid color, but also transform a variety of patterns, so that a pair of shoes instantly become a lot of pairs of shoes, cool enough!

Product: V5 Mobile Huayi Projector 4 million handbag: charging, sensing all have

Universal handbag: charging, sensing all have

It is said that the shoes worn by a girl can see her quality of life, but the bag she wore is able to see her temperament, if you choose a bag, would you choose practicality or is it Choose a brand halo it? Obviously, with the popularity of smart design, handbag is no longer just a tool to carry items, charging, smart voice alerts, etc., only you can not think, there is no smart love bracelet with screwdriver fake can not charge the handbag

A fashionable handbag that can provide charging services for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets becomes the new favorite of people, especially female users. The product includes an internal power supply 'Phorce Pro Smart Power Core' that charges the device, charges the device with a universal cable and supports charging for multiple regions in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia plug. And this product can also provide to inform power, charging time, loss of warning and other functions not only smart bags can be used to carry items

If you can provide charging service 'universal handbag' has made you very shocking, then the product described later will be even more incredible. Developed by a research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a smart handbag can sense what the owner has forgotten to bring with a sensor, then remind it in the form of an intelligent voice, and can promptly remind the weather conditions, etc. The product is very sweet: L102W + NEC projector 5 smart decorations: can 'change face' of the stuff

Smart decorations: can 'change face' stuff

It can be said that no girl can refuse the temptation of decorations, even if you do not like necklaces, may also like bracelets; even if you do not like bracelets, you may like the ring; even if you do not like the ring, may also like the delicate hairpin. And now Xiaobian to inventory for everyone, is a change of color and pattern bracelet and not only can change the color, but also to accept calls and text messages ring.
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  • Female clerk broke the value of more than 10 million bracelet boss did not claim compensation

    Fuzhou News Network June 30 hearing recently a woman in Yunnan travel shopping accidentally broke the store price of 300,000 yuan jade bracelet was fainted, causing strong concern users. Reporters interviewed yesterday that the province has even appeared in the gold shop clerk will be worth more than 10 million yuan jade bracelet broke something.

    So, how to get jade bracelets correctly? After the bracelet break any remedy? Yesterday reporters interviewed on these issues the province's jewelry experts and brand jewelers.

    According to authoritative personages of Fujian Gem Association, in 2015, when a female clerk of a gold shop in Xiamen moved a fake eternal love bracelet bracelet valued at more than love bracelet screwdriver replica 10 million yuan, he accidentally dropped it into two copy eternal love bracelet parts on the ground and the female clerk collapsed Cried, gold shop owner learned that this situation also shed tears on the spot.

    Female clerk unable to compensate, gold shop owner chose to forgive her, did not ask her to compensate love bracelet with screwdriver replica for the loss. According to reports, the broken bracelet finally restored into two bracelets, a customer asking price 3.8 million yuan, the boss was still reluctant to sell. Pay attention to 'jade but hand'

    'The repair process has 13 processes, gold and silver but also design patterns, so that not only beautiful, but also cover up the broken lines.' Master Wang said he had previously shop in Fuzhou, Taijiang flower market dedicated to broken jade 'bone 'The jade bracelet that the customer sends repairs is all the ancestral or the high price bought, a piece of repair cost wants 1000 yuan or so.

    Master Wang said that breaking the bracelet there is a remedy is to make the broken part of the brooch, ring surface, pendants, earrings, etc. However, this method requires higher craftsmanship.
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  • The public bought 388 yuan worth of meat only 288 stalls said it took 600 yuan eye fell

    Humou in Kunming Chenggong farmers market bought a 388 yuan pork, found in the complex scales less pounds missing pork, only 288 yuan. Chenggong District Consumer Association Luolong branch investigation, the owner Yang said that it is the eyes to spend, the 288 yuan as 388 yuan. In the end, Yang returned a full Humou pork paragraph 388 yuan, pork owned by Humou, and Hu Humou 600 as a compensation flower spent 388 yuan to buy pork, complex weighing found that the lack of pounds less two 288 yuan, Overcharged by 100 yuan, the stallholder actually said that the eyes spent. Yesterday, Kunming Consumer Association announced a typical case of the first quarter of this year to remind the public to accept services or purchase of goods, pay attention to avoid similar disputes and prevent business 'traps', while the use of laws and regulations to safeguard their own interests. Humou in Kunming Chenggong farmers market bought a 388 yuan pork, found in the complex scales less pounds missing pork, only 288 yuan. Chenggong District Consumer Association Luolong branch investigation, the owner Yang said that it is the eyes to spend, the 288 yuan as 388 yuan. In the end, Yang returned a full amount of 388 yuan Humou pork, pork owned by Humou, and Humou 600 yuan as a compensation Consumers Association reminded: At present, Kunming farmers market, some of the business operators fraud, weighing Doing hands fake love bracelet with screwdriver and feet, so consumers should develop the habit of complex scales, while Consumers Association will strengthen the joint inspection with the business sector efforts to reduce such phenomena. Hair scalp allergy compensation 1350

    Ms. Li recently stained hair at a barber shop in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, after which she developed skin irritation on her head and swollen skin, promptly went to the emergency department of Tianqi Hospital in Shilin County and went to the hospital for treatment of shaved hair according to the doctor's request After receiving a complaint, Lee seized the scene to use a brand of hair dye, after a one-time compensation by the operator Lee medical costs a total of 1350 yuan. New car repair 6 times a car

    On June 23 last year, Ms. Yang bought a Mercedes sedan in Kunming, and her engine went out of operation when it reached 2,600 km. It still did not get better after 6 repairs. And 4S shop contact car, the two sides differ greatly, consumers angry and driving 4S shop blocked. Panlong District Consumers Association staff received a complaint, the two sides to organize mediation, the final business agreed to refund the consumer car purchase tax and purchase tax total 710,000 yuan. Jade bracelet price high quality returns

    Liaoning Ms. Li travel to Yunnan, bought a 15,998 yuan jade bracelet in a company, returned to Liaoning after identification, found jade bracelet price high quality, repeatedly negotiated with the merchant failed to return. Through Yangzonghai Branch of the law enforcement officers mediation, the company agreed to refund the other party after deducting CUP credit card charges 15,198 yuan, Ms Lee subsequently purchased by the jade bracelets sent back. (Spring City Evening News

    Reporter Wang Lei)

    The public bought 388 yuan worth of meat only 288 stallholders said it spent 600 yuan eye fell eye to eye Yunnan Province from January to April stable economic operation good Yunnan 2625 species threatened the survival of Yunnan held to commemorate the 120th anniversary of General Luo Binghui's birthday Kunming 4 people were rated as outstanding police Yunnan drone has repeatedly meritorious efforts to build a national base Yanjin a quarry place a high risk row fall accident caused 2 death a man disturb driver chaos security

    Yunnan college entrance examination June 7 opening on June 24 to check the results of Erhai Lake water protection from January to April comprehensive categories are classified Fuyuan coal his and hers love bracelets replica mine major hidden dangers were fined 2.38 million yuan poverty village in Yunnan integrated cultural service center built 201 Yunnan Songming breeding base put into operation for 28 years funded 250,000 poor family students reporter photographed the national second-class protection copy cartier new love bracelet of animals Galapagos pheasant

    Share bicycles 'national standard' sign to encourage the deposit that is also back that is back Yunnan Science and Technology Achievements of the two leading scientific research companies to reach the leading domestic level flower seedling industry technology system construction in Yunnan in the first quarter of the average number of cartier new love bracelet replica hours of wind power ranks second in South China Light to open 'all-the-road' Jade Railway (Yuxi - Mohan) to speed up construction of Yunnan Civil Construction to send doctors to rural areas more than 1700 volunteers
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  • Two people nominated China good people mortal virtues were commended

    Wang Xiu Min, a female employee of the supermarket, picked up more than 300,000 yuan of gold jewelry to pick up gold, while Auxiliary Police Yang Shing captured 12 criminals for 12 years in a courageous move. Many people were touched by their stories. Not long ago, these two citizens were short-listed in the list of good people in China. Peace Zone Civilization Office and Public Security Peace Branch jointly awarded them awards in recognition of their mortal kindness fake love bracelet screwdriver Last April 28, 19 am, a gold shop female employees with a bag worth more than 300,000 yuan in gold jewelry, passing Rongrong Li China Resources Wan convenience stores, bought a bottle of mineral water, cashier payment, easily 'gold bag' on the ground. Wang Xiumin supermarket clerk found the bag open to see, which actually was a pile of yellow, golden jewelry. She received a good wait for a period of time, still not see the owner came back to find, then the alarm police rushed to the spot, count the 'gold bag', a total of gold bracelets, necklaces and pendants 150, and more than 14,000 yuan in cash and copy love bracelets for couples two ID cards , A courier. The day after tomorrow morning, gold shop staff found that 'gold bag' is lost, rushed to the supermarket and gold shop owner, lost property recovered. Female staff again and again to Wang Xiu Min thanked the other party straightforward answer: 'More gold is also no conscience important, if the greed of gold on the lost conscience, then you can feel at ease?' Because of the return of gold, she shortlisted 'China good man In the zone of peace and security police auxiliary police, there is a big brother was peer called the area of ​​law and order 'live map', courageous 'professional households', he is Xiaobailou police auxiliary Yang Cheng. Xiaobailou area how much area, how many streets, how many residential buildings, and even how many alley, his heart is clear. This makes him in the process of the police can accurately grasp the best shortcut to choose the direction, so that criminals nowhere to run. Auxiliary police need to dispose of all kinds of emergencies at any time, in the face of knife criminals, he is also intimidating bravely face. At 23:30 on March 2, 2011, they received an alarm and five criminals robbed two men of property in a machete at Yingkou Road. The police led Yang Cheng and others rushed to the scene. Hunting, a suspect fled to the water company hospital. Yang Cheng hot pursuit, the suspect waving a machete rushed to him, his hands clinging to the suspect hold the hand, neatly fell to the ground captured and brought to justice. In the past 12 years, he cartier new love bracelet copy successively captured more than 100 illegal criminals with the aid of civilian police and was commended 11 times by the Association for Righteousness and Validity in the Urban love bracelet screw replica Area. Yang Cheng said that in his heart, as long as he can stay in the post every day, his heart is down to earth. He can alarm the police and pay more attention to a bad guy and he is glad in his heart.
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  • Funnel chest related issues

    Funnel chest Basic knowledge Alias: chest wall concave funnel chest disease Location: chest, other bovine Infectious: Not infectious Multiple population: No relevant information related symptoms: heart palpitations, abnormal thorax, fever, sudden skin chest collapse, collapse of the thorax Malformations: No relevant information

    Funnel chest diagnosis and treatment knowledge Department: Cardiothoracic surgery, surgical treatment costs: According to different hospitals, the charges are inconsistent, the city top three hospitals about (8000 15000 yuan) cure rate: 50% treatment: surgical treatment related tests: chest, Chest MRI, B-chest

    More >> What is the cause of funnel chest funnel chest Wu Jian Disease analysis: fetal calcium deficiency in the mother, causing congenital laryngopharyngeal softening disease. Contraction of the muscles around the larynx causes stenosis, and snoring of air through the narrow passages of hands and feet is medically known as 'throat wheezing.' Should give the baby calcium and vitamin D and more sun. love bracelet screw replica 2, treatment: children with throat wheeze should be hospitalized in order to observe the sleep. [Detailed answer]

    What is the funnel chest What causes the funnel chest funnel chest tightness is not serious funnel chest is how to come out of the funnel chest how to form the funnel chest causes funnel chest What are the reasons

    More >> Funnel chest symptoms Funnel chest look like Huang Hongyuan Disease analysis: Hello, the key is there any symptoms appear, the adenoid may shrink after 6 years of age, if not too serious symptoms Appear generally do not require surgery. [Detailed answer]

    What is the funnel chest like to judge is not the funnel chest I do not know whether it is funnel chest funnel chest What are the clinical symptoms of funnel chest funnel chest symptoms funnel chest What are the symptoms

    More >> Funnel chest examination Funnel chest check items What Zhang Daibing Condition analysis: The main limbs slender, spider fingers (toes), arms stretched out than the length of the fingers, hands down the knee, the upper body than the lower half length Long head deformity, narrow face, high palatal arch, large and low ear, few subcutaneous fat, underdeveloped muscles, chest, abdomen, arms and skin wrinkles, low muscle tension, weak constitution, ligament, tendon and joint capsule elongation , Relaxation. [Detailed answer]

    Funnel chest examination items What are the diagnostic criteria of funnel chest Funnel chest hanging what Branch funnel chest to see what Branch funnel chest how long to check a funnel chest what to do Check the funnel chest what to do

    More >> Funnel chest treatment Funnel chest best treatment Chen Murphy Disease analysis: Adenoid hypertrophy is love bracelet with screwdriver copy due to the nasopharynx and its adjacent parts or adenoid repeated inflammation of their own inflammation, so that adenoid pathological hyperplasia. Occur in childhood, often associated with chronic tonsillitis exist. Adenoid hypertrophy treatment, the use of drug treatment, surgical treatment and conservative treatment of these three treatments. [Detailed answer]

    The best treatment of funnel chest The funnel chest does not rule out how to funnel chest What to do Chinese fake love bracelets for couples medicine treatment funnel chest funnel Chest pain how to do funnel chest What will happen where can cure funnel chest

    More love bracelets for couples replica >> Funnel chest diet to eat what fruit can cure funnel chest Korea Yan Ran Disease analysis: It is recommended to eat more vegetables and high protein foods and high-quality protein foods and calcium-rich foods and zinc-rich foods. Prevent eclipse. Pediatric rickets performance: square skull, anterior fontanel closure delay, chicken breast, funnel chest, ribs beaded, bangle bracelet sign. Treatment of calcium and vitamin D treatment, it is recommended to the formal children. [Detailed answer]

    What to eat can cure the funnel chest What to eat can cure the funnel chest funnel chest to eat what fruit funnel chest the best therapeutic method funnel chest to eat what to eat what governance funnel chest funnel chest diet

    More >> Funnel chest drug treatment Funnel chest medicine Yang Yongbing Condition analysis: Hello antidepressants such as flux, fever (paroxetine), Zuofu (sertraline), etc. [detailed answer ]

    Treatment of funnel chest of medicine funnel chest medicine can cure it Funnel chest What medicine is good treatment of funnel chest medicine treatment funnel chest What medicine treatment of funnel chest What medicine is good funnel chest medicine

    More >> funnel chest surgery funnel chest surgery how much money leaves 绾 Condition analysis: Autologous fat transplantation breast absorption of other parts of their own fat, the special treatment, selection of superior fat particles into the breast, to achieve the purpose of breast, so the body Fat breasts price varies from person to person. [Detailed answer]

    How to prevent funnel chest How to prevent funnel chest funnel chest prevention method funnel chest prevent funnel chest how to prevent funnel chest prevent step

    More >> funnel chest cost treatment funnel chest about how much money far Disease analysis: Law is divided into four light and heavy, surgical deposits were 30,000, 40,000, more than 50,000 retreat to make up. [Detailed answer]

    Treatment of funnel chest about how much funnel chest surgery how much treatment of funnel chest how much money funnel chest surgery cost treatment funnel chest how much money governance funnel chest how much money governance funnel chest generally how much money
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  • Per carat the United States weekly gold jewelry gold content is not up to standard

    Valuable luxury jewelry may also be water. City Industrial and Commercial Bureau yesterday announced cartier love bangle diamond the monitoring results of jewelry products, 56 pieces of unqualified jewelry is not noble metal purity standards, and some false label. Among them, the well-known 'every gram of Latin America,' a thousand gold bracelet gold content is not standard, a diamond pendant diamond unqualified, 'Chow Sang Sang' brand found an 18K gold bracelet gold diamond cartier love bracelet content is not up According to business people introduced this The minor monitoring samples mainly involved jewelry jade jewelry and precious metal jewelry. Monitoring found that some precious metal jewelry precious metal content unqualified, mainly for the purity of precious metals and labeling values ​​do not match per gram Latin America (Beijing) diamond a thousand gold bracelets, gold content is not standard, Beijing Oriental Arts Jane filigree mosaic plant ' Art Jewelry '990 silver children's bracelets and child locks, non-compliance silver content Monitoring also found that some jewelry and jade jewelry name and logo mark the wrong question, such as logo will be' synthetic cubic zirconia 'as' zircon ',' Dyed pearls 'as' pearls cartier bracelet gold replica 'and so on. Shenzhen Chow Tai-sheng Diamond Jewelry Co., Ltd. 'Golden Elephant Jewelry,' a natural crystal string, measured as agate, is not a nominal crystal. Beijing Yi Lei Cui Yu margin Jewelry Co., Ltd. sales of 'Cui Yu Yuan' white bracelet, measured as marble, not white, coral necklaces are also stained. Beijing Diyuan Mall 'Cui Bao edge,' fake cartier 18k gold bracelet Burmese jade bracelets, measured as bleach filling processing emerald, is not a nominal jade Business people said the jade false label on the one hand the consumer may be misled on the purchase behavior, against consumers The right to know; the other hand, due to the relatively high value of such goods, consumers will have greater economic losses. After the list of unqualified products was announced in the past, there will always be a 'purchase of the batch of consumers with consumer credentials returned,' but the reporter learned that, unlike common food and clothing, jewelry is a single commodity production of precious goods, There is a big difference between individuals, there is no batch concept, so the monitoring result only shows that there is a problem with the sampled products.
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  • Gamblers set up gambling gazes on the brightly dressed single women

    The original title: 仨 people partner to set up gambling passengers cheated travelers money

    On the grounds of soliciting at the train station, they stare at the beautiful single women who just got off the train and then cheat the other fake cartier love bracelet gold into the pre-rented room ...

    They lied to have other passengers during which time they won the passengers' cellphones, gold jewelery and other belongings in a pre-arranged sequence of poker cards, finally hurried to flee. At this point, they also reminded the public that they should always guard their traps and protect their personal and property safety. As a large number of passengers walked out of the station, they stared at the beautifully dressed single women and premeditated to trick others into playing poker Property, while the country, Liang and involved Xiaomou (handled separately) in early March 2016 to use such a way to get money in advance of their division of labor by Xiaomou responsible for long-distance bus soliciting outside the train station, Passengers who are preparing to travel are lured into already rented rooms and they lied to have other passengers waiting. During the period, a country, Liang Mou and then playing the other party with playing poker It is reported that they started not to win the money, and gradually some people say 'no money is not meaningless, or play money to win, say no play Big. 'At the beginning, the country a, Liang and others allow travelers to win money, cartier 10 diamond love bracelet so that the other party to enjoy the sweetness Subsequently, the country, Liang play more and more, bet also increased, and they used prior arrangement Well-ordered poker plays with travelers, 'Someone is going to fan in and say that travelers will win this time, cheating travelers to put their cash, cell phones and gold jewelery on the table, and the end result is that they have won travelers , Then took away the passenger's property to escape, they then agreed ratio into. '

    One day in March 2016, Guo Moumou, Liang Mou and Xiaomou used this method to defraud the victim for a total of 100 yuan in cash, one mobile phone (worth 4,600 yuan), one gold necklace (worth 14,507 yuan), a gold bracelet (Worth RMB 5,181 yuan) In addition, the state and the involved persons Shen Mou, Wu Mou, Cao (handled separately), in early April 2015 using the same means to defraud the victim Liu Mou 3400 yuan in cash, a mobile cartier 18k gold bracelet replica phone (worth 1800 yuan One gold necklace (worth 2121 yuan), one gold pendant (worth copy cartier bracelet gold 2046 yuan) and one gold ring (worth 1195 yuan). After the money was cheated, passengers suddenly realized, then the police a few days ago, Shenyang Huanggu District People's Court found the facts of the trial, the country, Liang Mouxian fraud conviction. State was sentenced to two years imprisonment, fined 40,000; Liang was sentenced to six months a year, fined 30,000.
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  • The collection of white jade non-gray craft value can surpass the material

    'Ordinary people gambling stone can not afford to hurt, do not rush to participate.' In the Guangzhou Daily on the Grand Theater last weekend, held jointly by the copy cartier love pink gold bracelet Guangzhou Cultural Heritage Treasury 'White Jade and jade collection will', the Chinese arts and crafts Feng Chi Wen told the readers here that most of the betting stones in the market that have claimed hundreds of thousands of yuan fake pink gold cartier love bracelet have been 'checked' by the experts for many times and will not have much chance of 'picking up leaks', so do not rush into business without the guidance of experts In two big money management lectures on Saturday, Wang Wenwang, a crafts artist in Shanxi Province, and Feng Zhiwen, a Chinese arts and crafts artist, each put on a collection of private lessons for readers of the Guangzhou Daily. Wang Wang Wang brought readers a variety of white jade specimens, carefully introduced the characteristics of different jade species and distinguish points, but also on the current market in the main way of fraud and identification vivid 'Secret' so that readers open Eye is thrown out copy cartier love bracelet yellow gold size 16 of glass is not a good jade

    Although the collection market is subject to major environmental changes and adjustments, the market basically remains stable. 'In fact, the current trend in the market is small pieces of jewelry, the main part of the game, but also the people like it, can afford those, but the material must be genuine.' Wang Wang Wang said that changes require technology division to master their own production The direction, and for ordinary collectors, one is to exercise the identification of true and false eyes, the second is to raise the aesthetic level. 'At present, at least 60% of the circulation goods in the market are Korean materials, hand pieces, brands, bracelets and ornaments, and the market price is relatively low. The buyers who do not know the goods often think it is white jade.' In addition, Out of the feeder is white, the price is cheap, it is also easy to confuse novices, Wang Wang stressed the importance of careful comparison of weight, identify the bubbles there are some readers asked whether Bai Yu Bai as well, Wang Wang said that in theory is so , But to remind them not to excessive pursuit of jade white: 'If the white and not run, not clean, it is better to be green.' He told everyone to buy jade 'rather green', because the gray will never change, and green Material may also turn white. In addition, he also stressed that jade can not be bright, was thrown out of the glass light is not a good jade: 'jade with white jade is different from polished jade is certainly defective, or not enough density.'

    For readers to discuss the issue of technology, Wang reputation that the perfect material, after all, less, if the black spots are small, Qiao carved into fine: 'White is not flawed is wrong, if well designed and carved, may be a must.' '

    Process value can exceed the material limitations

    'Your emerald earrings are A goods, but too small, want to invest or buy bigger.' Just read the emerald earrings the reader hastily picked off, Feng Zhiwen gave the identification results, and 'submission' of the woman Also frankly: 'I want to buy bigger ah, but not daring, so I came to learn in class.' The reporters found that in the afternoon of the Jade Appreciation Lecture, the audience came to the scene each wearing one or two kinds of jadeite jewelry. These collectors all agree with the wearing and hedging value-added features of jadeite, but for the mixed market is quite frightened fake cartier gold bracelet Feng Zhiwen believes that collectors to learn to grasp the material, on the other hand, he also stressed that the value of the process often beyond the material Limitations: 'There is also no limit to material and form, in order to truly understand the value of craft.' In addition, he also stressed that, like white jade and emerald, we must wear to wear through time to show the content, the pleasure of the collection is to enjoy The process of their change. 1. Hand rubbing white feel warm moist Keren 2. Northern buckwheat with buckthorn bag, put white jade inside, across the bag Mogan, so about 10 days white jade dish very beautiful 3. Note white jade in hand When the plate, with a rope tied jade wrist, to prevent slipping.
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  • Such as silver snow national museum collection of white porcelain Sui and Tang Dynasties

    White porcelain is one of the important porcelain varieties in ancient China. It was burned in the northern part of the Northern Dynasties and was refined and fired on the basis of celadon. The birth of white porcelain is a leap forward in the development of China's ceramics, which has laid a good foundation for the development of various colored porcelain of the past dynasties. Northern Dynasties kiln farm in Inner Mongolia, Henan Anyang and Shandong Zibo and other places. In 1971, the white porcelain unearthed from the Fan tomb of the Northern Qi wu ping (575) in Anyang, Henan Province in the sixth year (575) is the earliest white porcelain seen so far. There are 10 pieces of porcelain including bowls, cups, three lines, four lines and bottles. Coarse, glaze yellowing or pan-gray, white porcelain manufacturing process is still in its early stages The white porcelain production technology in Sui Dynasty developed rapidly, production techniques continue to increase. Porcelain kiln production of white porcelain in Sui Dynasty Gong County, Henan Province, Hebei and Inner Mongolia, Lincheng and other places. 1959 Henan Anyang Sui Zhang Sheng tomb unearthed white porcelain chessboard, three-ring foot plate, copy cartier love bracelet pink 1957 Xi'an Sui Li Jingxun unearthed white porcelain chicken first pot, ears flat pot, ears and other cans, as well as Shaanxi Sui Ji Wei Tomb unearthed white porcelain, etc., are the finest porcelain of the Sui Dynasty. From the Northern Dynasties to the Sui Dynasty, the development of white porcelain in the north lays the foundation for the production of south Qingbei porcelain in the Tang Dynasty. By the Tang Dynasty, the production of white porcelain entered its heyday. There were many white porcelain kilns, mostly in the north. Hebei Xing kiln, Ding kiln, Henan Gong County kiln, Hebi kiln, Mi County kiln, Dengfeng kiln, Shanxi Hunyuan kiln, Pingding kiln, Shaanxi Yaozhou kiln, Anhui Xiao kiln, etc., of which the most famous Xingyao, the most quality good. Lu Yu 'Tea' praised Xingyin porcelain silver snow class. In the Tang Dynasty, Xingyao white porcelain and southern Yue celadon honorary world, equally divided, forming a South Green North white, mutual Zheng Yan two systems were burned in the Northern Dynasties, prosperous in the Tang Dynasty, the decline in the Five Dynasties, finally Yuan generation. Xing kiln Tang Dynasty produced a large number of fine white porcelain, craft peak. Utensils and more for daily use appliances to white and delicate moist but silver-like snow glaze and simple and generous shape, only a small amount of white porcelain print, draw flowers and plastic stickers and other decorations. Pi Ri-hui, 'Tea Poetry' wrote: 'Xing kiln and the more people, can make porcelain. Round like the soul falls, as light clouds.' Lu Yu 'Tea' said: 'Xing porcelain silver, The more porcelain jade, Xing porcelain snow, the more porcelain ice, Xing porcelain white and color Dan, Yue porcelain green and brown green. 'Also described the shape of the regular' round like the moon falling ', white porcelain light pretty Is 'light as clouds.' Tang Dynasty Li Zhao's 'History of the Republic' on the record 'Neiqiu white porcelain Ou, Duanxian Yan, commonplace non-expensive world,' specifically referred to the origin 'in the hill.' 'New Tang' records 'Xingzhou tribute porcelain.' Gong County, Henan kiln also important for the Tang Dynasty white porcelain origin, also produced tribute porcelain. Li Jifu 'Yuanhe county map' There are 'Kaiyuan Henan tribute white porcelain' records, Xi'an Daming Palace site unearthed in Gongxian kiln white porcelain, Xing kiln white porcelain, Tang Dynasty Xingyao white porcelain widely sold in the country, In the Tang Dynasty sites and tombs in many places found in Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei Province unearthed the largest collection of national museums of the Sui and Tang white porcelain, unearthed tombs and handed down items. The tombs unearthed goods are:

    In 1957, four years of Xi'an Sui Dye industry (608 years) Li Jingxun tomb unearthed white glaze with dragon handle bottle, chicken first handle pot. Li Jingxun, the tomb master, had a long history and was favored by his childhood. Unfortunately, his early death at the age of nine. A large number of exquisite objects were buried in the tomb of Li Jing Xun. There are gold and silver vessels from Persia, jade necklaces, exquisite bracelets, exquisite porcelain and so on. Unearthed porcelain 17, a white porcelain double Dragon handle bottle, dragon handle chicken first pot, small flat bottle, small pots, small cans, vials and other white glaze double Dragon handle bottle height 18.6 cm, caliber 4.5 cm, abdomen 6.3 cm diameter. Two bottles of double abdomen connected to both sides of the plastic dragon-shaped handle, Ssangyong title mouth. Shi Shi half white glaze, open fine broken pieces. Tianjin Museum hidden in the shape of white enamel bottle, the bottom inscription 'This bottle pass and (and)', it is 'pass the bottle,' said. Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, the museum also has a collection of this shape of the bottle spread white glaze chicken pot handle 27.4 cm high, caliber 5.9 cm, 7.1 cm in diameter. Shoulders chicken first stream, for the first song-like, after the dragon-shaped handle, the dragon bow head mouth edge. Shoulder symmetrical ring ear set for double flap coincidence. Shi Shi half white glaze, a small ice crack. Styling beautiful shape. Chicken first pot seen in the Three Kingdoms period, two Jin, more common during the Southern Dynasties, mostly for the South celadon products, but also black enamel. Early chicken pot body smaller. Southern Dynasties to the Sui Dynasty, slender body, narrow neck, handle longer. Chicken pot to the Tang Dynasty gradually disappear after the two pieces of white porcelain with a clear unearthed tombs for the Sui Dynasty white porcelain is an important criterion for the study of the northern white porcelain dating 1954 Xi'an Sui industry six years Guo Jia Beach Ji Wei Tomb unearthed white glaze beam cover jar. Ji Wei for the Sui Dynasty Jinlv Guanglu doctor, Longquan, Dunhuang Prefecture two prefect, Yang Yong and Prince Edward has succeeded, the cynics, cronies. Its grave rich in funerary objects white pottery handle pot height 21.7 cm, caliber 7.8 cm, foot diameter 6.2 cm. Short stream, dragon-shaped handle, dragon head for the mouth of the mouth for water-like shape. Dragons bent, seems to be motivated, vivid image. The whole body Shi Shi glaze, glaze Wenrun delicate, elegant dignified shape, for the Tang Dynasty Xing kiln product pot also known as the 'Note' 'Note pot', its shape from the bronze, Southern and Northern Dynasties Celadon has the Executive pot modeling. In the middle and late Tang period, the pattern of pot-raising increased and the pan-popular gradually replaced the chicken pot and the phoenix pot. The Tang Dynasty pot for wine or tea set of purposes, known as the bottle, wine notes or tea bottles. Xi'an Tang Taihe three years (829) unearthed in the tomb of Wang Mingzhe porcelain pot wrote 'the old tea house bottles,' and other words is for tea; Changsha Tongguan kiln unearthed pot there are 'Chen family spring wine' 'Smell the wine,' and so on, for the wine with white glaze lotus seat candlestick 30.3 cm high, caliber 6.5 cm, 17.5 cm in diameter. The candlestick is composed of a lamp plate, a column and a bearing seat. The lamp plate is cup-shaped, and the slender upright and straight column of the lampstand is decorated with ribbed patterns. The lamp holder is engraved with lotus leaf pattern and the leaf is embossed. Unique shape, fine-grained hard, glaze Bai Run, perfectly preserved, Xingyao boutique. Candlestick as one of the ancient lamps, the history is very long, when the Warring States Period Qin and Han dynasties have a copper candlestick, 'Chu words': 'Room concept of multi-blame, Lancaster clear candle.' Three porcelain when the porcelain candlestick, there Sheep-shaped, lion-shaped, etc., the Tang Dynasty poet Piri Hugh 'Night Q \u0026 A ten' said: 'Lotus candle, Ting Ting tender Ruiyu.' This candlestick shape tall and straight, slim stands, seat for the lotus, elegant fresh, beautiful and practical, When replica cartier bangle for sale the Tang Dynasty when a 'lotus candle' 1957 Henan Tang County tombs unearthed white glaze flask, provision of Yan Yan, with lid saliva pot, ring handle cup white glaze Plum Yan Yan 7.2 cm high, caliber 14.8 cm. Due to the formation of such as access Yonghuan water, so named. The provision of Yong Yan, named in the Han Ban solid 'white tiger pass.United imperialism': 'provision of bi like, round the sky; Yong of water, as enlightenment epidemic.' Piyong Yan began in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Wei and Jin Dynasties and more popular Three-legged or four-legged celadon round inkstone, Northern and Southern Dynasties become five-legged to full range, the Sui and Tang dynasties of the Panyu Yan shape as Yan surface convex, Yan number increased significantly. Yang Shidao in the Tang Dynasty in the 'Wing Yan' in the 'pool type pool water, light Han Yanhua' sentence, that is, provision of Yong Yan. In 1986, there was a white glaze to cut off the Yongyan stone unearthed from the Princess Changle of Liquan Tang in Shaanxi Province. In 2003, a large amount of white porcelain and pottery were excavated from the porcelain cellar of Yiyong Street in the old town of Luoyang, The inkstone is similar in shape, reflecting the common characteristics of the era White glaze bowl 5.3 cm high, caliber 16.2 cm, diameter 7.7 cm. Jade Bi-shaped bottom of the tire quality firm, glaze Yingrun, shape regular, Xing Tang kiln products. In the Tang Dynasty Xing kiln products are bowls, plates, cups, boxes, bottles, pots, cans, etc., of which there are a variety of shapes bowls, jade bi bowl is representative of one of Xing kiln, some engraved 'surplus' or ' Big surplus 'section of knowledge, should be for the Tang Dynasty Daming Palace Great Ying Gallery fixed-burning porcelain production in the Tang Dynasty appeared controversial scene, only Yue kiln celadon and Xingyao white porcelain because of its unique artistic achievement skill Qunfang, become At that time the leader of porcelain, porcelain in the history of the development of China has a high status. Tang Dynasty porcelain production of sophisticated, cartier love bracelet pink gold copy round full, reflecting the love of cartier gold bracelet fake the Aesthetics of the Tang Dynasty, the distinctive characteristics of the times. Ceramics of Yue kiln and Xingyao porcelain are highly praised. The National Museum contains the celadon and white porcelain of the Sui and Tang dynasties, which are rich in style and exquisite craftsmanship. They represent the highest level of porcelain development during the Sui and Tang dynasties and enjoy the splendid artistic style of Chinese porcelain culture.
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  • Hainan Industrial and Commercial Circular on the sale of aquatic wildlife products under national key protection case

    Complaint content: March 24 at noon, Qionghai City Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 command center received in Bo'ao area due to hotel consumption caused consumer complaints, consumer newspaper reporter Mr. Lee to the council staff reflect, saying that in March 21 days in the Ramada Hotel website scheduled 5 days in advance (March 22, Qionghai Bureau of Commerce and Industry in understanding the specific causes, respectively, for the conflicting demands of both parties, and reasonable guidance, in accordance with the law, to carry out further mediation After about 20 minutes of mediation, the hotel finally agreed to refund the consumer Lee room rates and deposit a total of 721 yuan, the two sides reached a settlement on the spot .All sides are satisfied with the results of the mediation and signed consumer dispute mediation .After the mediation, complaints People are quick to come to the scene of industrial and commercial staff, and efficient handling of the results of the mediation expressed satisfaction .2 appeal time: February 23, 2016 afternoon

    Complainant: Ms. Lee

    The respondent: Tan Tam Township Tan Kam Shan Square Technology Square

    Complaint content: On the afternoon of February 23, the party Ms. Li directly to the Qionghai City Industry and Commerce Bureau Tanmen Commerce and Industry complaints, Ms. Lee said in Tam Tam Street Jinshan Craft Square coral jade bracelet to buy one, the end of consumption half Hours after the discovery of the existence of cracks in the purchase of bracelets, operators are required to negotiate the return, the operators do not agree, mens cartier love knock off ring resulting in dispute mediation between the two sides: Tanmen Industry and Commerce staff understand the specific circumstances of the case immediately with Ms. Lee to the consumer location, respectively, for both parties Of the contradictions and demands, reasonable guidance, negotiation imitation cartier ring with diamonds and settlement, the final merchant agreed to return, and refund the full 280 yuan consumer goods, both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the mediation case investigation

    Fu on the sale of a national key protected aquatic wildlife knock off cartier ring with diamonds products case the parties selling the state key protected aquatic wildlife products in the business premises, its behavior in violation of 'People's Republic of China aquatic wildlife protection implementation regulations' Article XVIII requirements. Qionghai City Industry and Commerce Bureau Tanmen Commerce and Industry in accordance with the 'People's Republic of China Aquatic Wildlife Protection Regulations' Article 28 provides the parties confiscation of illegal goods hawksbill bracelet (small) 80 and a fine of 1,500 administrative penalties Wei Mouxiao The sale of unlicensed handicrafts and tortoiseshell products to parties that sell state-level key protected aquatic wildlife products in business premises violates the provisions of Article 4 of the Measures for the Suppression and Treatment of Unlicensed Business Operations and Article 10 of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Aquatic Wildlife Eight provisions. Tanmen Chamber of Commerce based on the 'business without a license to investigate and punish' Article 14 of the parties to make confiscation of illegal items hawaii ring 30, a pair of hawksbill glasses frame, a hawksbill comb, hawksbill necklace 4, hawksbill bracelet 1 and Administrative penalties of 1,500 yuan fine Li Moudong selling state key protected aquatic wildlife products case The parties in the business premises to sell state key protected aquatic wild animal products, its behavior in violation of 'the People's Republic of China aquatic wildlife protection implementation regulations' Article XVIII Provisions. Tanmen Commerce and Industry on the basis of 'the People's Republic of China Aquatic Animal and Wildlife Protection Implementation Regulations,' the provisions of Article 28 of the parties to make confiscation of illegal items hawksbill bracelet (small) 4, hawksbill bracelets (2) and a fine of 1,000 administrative penalties 4 Huang Mouwen Selling State Key Protected Aquatic Wildlife Products Case The parties concerned sold the national key protected aquatic wild animal products at the business premises in violation of Article 18 of the 'Regulations for the Implementation of Aquatic Wild Animal Protection of the People's Republic of China'. Tanmen Chamber of Commerce based on the 'People's Republic of China Aquatic Animal and Wildlife Protection Implementation Regulations' Article 28 provides the parties confiscation of illegal items hawksbill bracelets (small) 4, hawksbill bracelets (4) and a fine of 1,000 administrative penalty Na Moumou unlicensed operating arts and crafts and hawksbill products in the case of parties selling state key cartier ring band knock off protected aquatic wildlife products, their behavior in violation of the 'unlicensed business operations measures to ban' Article IV and the 'People's Republic of China Wildlife Conservation Act 'The provisions of Article XVIII. Tanmen chamber of commerce based on 'business without a license to investigate and punish' Article 14 of the parties to make confiscation of illegal goods hawksbill bracelets (small) 7, hawksbill bracelets (7), hawksbill bracelets (large) 1, tortoiseshell ring (Small) 12, hawksbill ring (large) 5 and a fine of 1,500 yuan of administrative penalties.
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