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kathryn Jan 25

Ore milling equipment is one of the most important equipments in many mills. How to choose the right ore milling equipment is suitable for the mills. At present, green production and construction and environmental priority should be clinging to. So many companies committed. Enterprises that are unlawfully productive for the destruction of the environment are not only faced with a huge amount of environmental taxes, but also the punishment of stopping production. Therefore, the construction of green production line has become the most important part of the development of many enterprises.

For the grinding work of the enterprise, environmental protection tax, production and other issues have been naked in front of, dust pollution has been a failure as extremely serious pollution to the environment, not only pollute the atmosphere, the harm to human body is also very serious, dust inhalation will bring great harm to people's health.

Our ore milling equipment has no dust leaks and no pollution to the environment, and it has the following advantages.

Higher screening rate

Ore mill is a vertical structure, with a small area and complete set. Compared with other flour mills, the grinder has a higher screening rate, up to 99%, which is difficult for other grinding equipment to achieve.

Low cost of use

The main components of the ore grinding machine are all cast with high quality materials and fine technology, which ensures the high efficiency and good wear resistance of the whole set of ore grinding machine. In the process of operation, the wearable parts of the easily worn parts are good in wear resistance and long service life.

The electric system adopts centralized control, and the mill powder mill of the ore mill can basically realize the unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient.

Performance stability

The main engine of the ore mill has improved the traditional way, and made a stable structural transformation for the main shaft and the plum blossom rack, making the transmission stable and reliable.