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kathryn Jan 29

Construction waste crushing process host using the construction waste crusher to deal with construction waste. It has a rebar removal device. The main engine will not be blocked, and the regenerated aggregate is fine. The impurity removal equipment adopts light material processor and water washing equipment, and the purity of recycled aggregate is high. The whole construction waste treatment line has large output and high production efficiency, and it can quickly recover the cost.

Construction waste crushing production line by using domestic leading technology of construction waste resources in construction waste crushing machine is provided by the host, from feeding, crushing, screening, conveying, iron, light material such as a full set of construction waste treatment equipment and construction waste treatment plan.

The system of double screening vibratory feeder is using the patented product "double screening" vibrating screening feeder, which effectively removes the raw materials, simplifies the technological process, reduces the floor area and reduces the investment of equipment. The automatic steel bar cutting system: by adding corresponding shearing device to the crusher, it can cut and break the steel bar contained in the crusher, prevent the steel bar winding rotor and damage equipment, and greatly improve the safety and operation rate of the equipment.