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kathryn Feb 28

Sand making machine is mainly used for sand and stone aggregate production, sand and stone aggregate is a necessary raw material in various construction, so the sand making machine can be widely used in various construction. The application of sand making machine includes the applicable materials of sand making machine and the industry that it can be used. The application of sand making machine needs to understand the market demand of sand making machine.

Along with the development of China's various infrastructure construction, the construction of the demand for all kinds of sand and gravel are also on the increase, the original natural sandstone is the construction material, but because of China's huge demand for construction, natural sand can't meet the needs of all kinds of construction, so now most of the construction mechanism of sand are used to replace. Mechanism of sand is a kind of by sand making machine to cut large pieces of rock and dug from the river to take the cobble and broken into small particles of a kind of artificial sand, artificial sand is rich in mineral resources, the general rock through broken enough artificial sand can be obtained, so the artificial sand relative natural sand prices are much lower, this is a price advantage of artificial sand. In recent years, as people for sand making machine technology improvement, the quality of the mechanism of sand has had the very big promotion, the mechanism of sand grain shape is evener, after sand washer to clean the inside of the stone powder content is less, so also is currently applied to the construction of various of good choice.

The industry of sand making machine can be used in the construction of high-speed railway, bridge construction, highway construction, building construction and so on. Recently decided to start domestic silver to xi 'an high-speed railway construction in the west, Beijing rail transit construction, jiangsu railway network construction and the rural road network construction and so on all need to use sand making machine, sand making machine here mainly have the effect of broken rock used to make high quality sand aggregate.

The sand making machine can be used for crushing materials such as river pebbles, quartzite, limestone, gangue, basalt, granite, diabase and so on. Sand making machine is used to produce sand and gravel production line, in addition to the previous broken production equipment, also need some sand washing equipment, mechanism of sand after cleaning can be used in sand and gravel aggregate production, because the mechanism of sand and gravel production contains a certain amount of powder, powder is not good for sand aggregate production but there will be bad, so a complete sandstone is the production line include sand washer.