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baka Mar 4

environment violates act. Ministry of environmental protection ever entrusted courtyard of law of Chinese people university to be opposite " method " composite deck cost per sq ft executive circumstance undertakes assessment, evaluate a result to make clear, as a result of " method " the time limit that sets measure of stop production punish not clearly, partial enterprise exploits this loophole, through be after

executive stop production cheap treated lumber for sale immediately resumes manufacturing pattern, evade punish requirement, the earnest sex that weakens measure of stop production punish badly and executive effect. In the meantime, bring about branch of local environmental protection possibly also measure of punish of alternative applicable stop production, restore production quickly to offer how to build garden box on slope advantage for the enterprise.

Environmental protection department says, accordingly, be necessary to perfect the deadline of measure of stop production punish as soon as possible, freedom of branch of limitative place environmental protection reduces an amount, ensure result of measure of stop production punish. Of Chinese people plastic composite cladding uk university evaluate a report to say, 2016 the blowdown inside countrywide limits person be