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baka Mar 5

"E0" logo has become a gimmick? By Baidu and other search engines,plastic 2x6 lumber you can find how many false "E0" floor is frequently exposed by the media. This may be why some businesses and consumers lost their faith in E0. Jin Fangjun, a marketing director at Chuangxin Floor, said: "E0 floors can not exist.[url=]3m floor balcony stickers[/url] Consumers are very concerned about the environment, but the price is more attractive to them. Chief Operating Officer of Huijia Floor said:

"The E0-level floor stock in the European market is large because of the soil it exists in,outdoor plastic fencing and in the Chinese market, I see mostly E1-level floors." Nature flooring Guo Yang, director of planning department of Sichuan Province, pointed out that "E0" grade base material is much higher than common base material. The main reason is that the "E0" grade substrate uses a modified melamine resin adhesive.[url=]vs veranda decking 2017[/url] The stability of the modified

melamine resin adhesive is quite outdoors wpc flooring Even at a F / U molar ratio of 1.0 or less, the resin has a water solubility multiple of more than 1 (typically up to 1.5-2.5). Storage performance for a long time no significant change, completely improve the water-soluble melamine resin adhesive. Sizing good dispersion,[url=]what jigsaw blade to cut pvc deck boards[/url] improve the heat transfer performance of the plate. If the company does not reach a certain scale, it is difficult to withstand the high