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conductivity of polystyrene board is basically the same, to meet the needs of building insulation. Dry density is generally 150m3 / kg, thermal conductivity at 0.045W / (m.K), compressive strength at 0.4MPa. 3, non-toxic harmless Cement foam board will not burn at high temperatures and does not release toxic gases, are safe and environmentally friendly building materials. 4, long life The life of cement foam

board is greater than 50 years, and the life of the building can keep pace. 5, good water resistance As a special sheet of cement foam board belongs to silicate material, so the water resistance is very superior. 6, the interface is good Because the material is porous and mortar, the wall is homogeneous, so the interface is very good, unlike the organic or rock wool construction process like those insulation

materials need to be anchored, can be directly pasted 7, energy saving No harmful gas emissions during production, construction and use of the environment; avoid the pollution caused by repeated insulation removal of waste; do not cause the threat to the environment and personal safety caused by the burning of traditional insulation materials; Dust on the human respiratory tract and skin damage; building

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