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baka Mar 5

Stacking of the inside of the base plate causes stress on the plate, and this stress has no obvious effect on the entire base plate. When the base plate is sawed into a floor slab, stacking to generate stress points leads to multiple layers Parquet floor deformation. When severe lamination occurs within the three layers of the surface, the finished leached multi-layer parquet clearly shows the visible edges at the laminate (0.6 mm thick finish) during use. Therefore, we must splicing in the plate, the plate in the whole Zhang, reduce and avoid the plate in the stack.

Veneer in peeling process, there will be elastic surface, near the side of the knife there are many cracks we called loose surface, the other side is called the tight surface. The same veneer, the tight surface is by the outer cylindrical timber, loose noodles by the wood on the center of the side. Tensile expansion and shrinkage when the stress is greater than the loose surface. In the blank should be kept tight face outward, and in the center of the substrate to form a symmetrical on both sides. Wood sapwood and heartwood dry shrinkage and expansion there is a difference. In the group of billets, should be mixed with sapwood and heartwood group billet. Prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon that one side of the center layer of the base material is the heartwood material on the side of the sapwood.

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