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baka Mar 6

scrapping dismantling, the material crushed can be re-filled use, will not cause pollution to the environment, to achieve sustainable production. 1, feeding, mixing: through the feeding system will be a quantitative cement, foaming agent, foam stabilization agent added to the mixer, dry mix for 30 seconds; 2, stirring: the quantitative warm water added to the mixer, Wet mixing for 2 minutes; the quantitative

foaming agent was added to the mixer for 8-15 seconds; 3, injection molding, foaming: then the slurry into the mold foaming, foaming process for about 3-5 minutes; 4, the initial Maintenance: injection molding is completed after a few hours for initial maintenance; 5, stripping: to be foam cement insulation board to complete the initial setting, with the initial strength can be stripped; 6, cutting: foam strength

with a certain degree of insulation Board blank can be cut after stripping, cutting specifications according to the need to adjust the cutting blade; 7, finished care: foam cement insulation board maintenance period should not be less than 7 days. & nbsp; & nbsp; Technical parameters Density (kg / m3): 160-200. Thermal conductivity W / (m.k): 0.045-0.050. Compressive strength (mpa): 0.2-0.4. Bending

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