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baka Mar 6

When sound waves travel forward, reflections and diffraction occur when obstacles are encountered, the impact of which depends on the size of the obstacle. If the sound wave is much larger than best composite decking in uk the obstacle, the sound wave reflected from the obstacle is small, only producing a very small sound shadow behind it, and most of the sound waves can bypass the obstacle and some distance away from the obstacle It's like traveling without obstacles. If the acoustic wavelength is smaller than the obstacle, the reflected wave will increase and a larger acoustic shadow will be produced behind the obstacle. This acoustic shadow will expand as the wavelength decreases (ie, the frequency increases).

If the obstacle is a hard, smooth, flat wall whose size is much larger than the acoustic wavelength, the sound waves incident on the wall are reflected back as the light waves strike the mirror. Its angle of incidence is equal to the 4 x 8 foot composite board South Africa angle of reflection. If the sound waves in the process of transmission, met a hole opened in the wall, the sound waves in addition to encounter the wall reflection, there are some sound waves from the hole through the past, and the penetration of this and the above diffraction, and the hole Size related.

For small holes, that is, when the acoustic wavelength is much larger than the size of the hole, the sound waves Labor Costs For Outdoor Deck penetrating through the hole can be viewed as a new point source, forming a hemispherical waveform on the other side of the wall to propagate. If a sound wave encounters a wall with a large hole during propagation, that is, when the sound wave wavelength is much smaller than the size of the hole, the sound wave will directly penetrate through the hole and continue to transmit the original waveform on the one hand, and on the other hand, Will bypass the edge of the hole, and into the back of the composite moulding flooring for park wall spread. The lower the frequency of sound waves, the more obvious the diffraction phenomenon.