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baka Mar 6

What are the specific steps and methods of blank wall paint brush latex paint? Blank wall paint brush than other walls to be more complex, about the steps are as follows: Blank wall - brush 1 times 2X3 Wood Sleeves interface agent crack treatment - leveling (including the yin and yang angle to find straight) - patch - scraping 2-3 times PuTTY - polished - primer - looking to make up grinding (make up the place must use the primer again on the 1st) - twice coat - to maintain the specific steps and methods is this: Interface agent: brush interface agent Must brush to, but also to brush evenly.

Cracks: Kraft paper tape and white latex are generally used to hold cracks (but there is no guarantee that 100% will not crack again). Leveling: Uneven walls need leveling, the more common gypsum, uneven average cost of replacing deck boards with composite less than 0.5 cm better. Appliqué: General light wall and wall insulation and other non-load-bearing walls are required for the patch, try to choose a better textured wall covering and white latex, if the conditions can be used grid cloth, the relative anti-cracking effect will be better a little. Putty: The choice of particles with higher fineness and texture of the putty better, but also can add a certain amount of white latex putty, can improve the hardness of putty.

Primer: Primer must be brush evenly, to ensure that the walls are brushed to every place, if the wall to eat more paint, the best amount of primer to add a little more water to ensure that brushing uniform. Do not because it is a primer on the use of almost the roller on it, the primer brushing effect how much is chain link installed per foot UK will have a direct impact on the effect of the topcoat, use the same texture with the top roller.