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DMT Mar 6

BEIJING Cheap Nike Air Max Womens , Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- The following are the central parity rates of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, against 23 major currencies announced on Wednesday by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System:

Currency Unit Central parity rate in yuan

U.S. dollar 100 661.92

Euro 100 781.24

Japanese yen 100 5.9008

Hong Kong dollar 100 84.727

British pound 100 891.65

Australian dollar 100 522.34

New Zealand dollar 100 477.48

Singapore dollar 100 489.19

Swiss franc 100 684.05

Canadian dollar 100 536.35

Malaysian ringgit 63.430 100

Ruble 871.81 100

Rand 201.66 100

Korean won 17,153 100

UAE dirham 55.395 100

Saudi riyal 56.562 100

Hungarian forint 3,982.70 100

Polish zloty 54.850 100

Danish krone 95.22 100

Swedish krona 122.56 100

Norwegian krone 119.10 100

Turkish lira 53.440 100

Mexican peso 270.77 100

The central parity rate of the yuan against the U.S. dollar is based on a weighted average of prices offered by market makers before the opening of the interbank market each business day.

The central parity rate of the yuan against the Hong Kong dollar is based on the central parity rate of the yuan against the U.S. dollar and the exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar against the U.S. dollar at 9 a.m. in international foreign exchange markets on the same business day.

The central parity rates of the yuan against the other 21 currencies are based on the average prices offered by market makers before the opening of the interbank foreign exchange market.

(This article is generated by Xinhua News Robot.)

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Rafael Nadal of Spain attends a press conference at the Shanghai Masters tennis tournament in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 10, 2016. (XinhuaFan Jun)

SHANGHAI Cheap Air Max 90 Womens , Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Some of the big names in world tennis meet in Shanghai for the 2016 Shanghai Rolex Masters, and Rafael Nadal said Monday that he would do well in the tournament and get ready for the next season.

The popular Spaniard who won the Olympic doubles gold medal, told the press here, "It has been a difficult moment of the year, and I am trying to finish well and try to be ready again for the next season. That's my real goal."

Nadal was satisfied with his performance during three hours' practice on court today. "We are trying to realize what we need to work more for the next couple of months and to be ready again for the beginning of the season Cheap Air Max Womens ," he said. "I speak with my coach about the things that we need to prepare for the future, not only for the immediate practice."

Having been seriously injured this year, the Spanish legend revealed his goal was to finish the season in the best possible way. "It's tough to be back, especially when you are back and still with pain," Nadal said Monday afternoon. "But as always Cheap Nike Air Max 95 , just keep working hard as I did today, as I did yesterday, as I do every day to recover the level of my tennis before the injury."

When asked about the best thing about being a tennis player at his level, he said: "the most beautiful thing, I think Cheap Nike Air Max 90 , is that you go around the world and you feel the love of the people; you go on the court and you feel the support of the people."

In response to Novak's comment on not finding joy and happiness in tennis, Nadal said happiness for himself comes in various forms besides tennis.

"It's true that tennis has been for the last 20 years an important part of my life, for sure, but in life there are a lot of more important things than just the game," he said.

According to the draw Cheap Nike Air Max , top seed Novak Djokovic is joined by fourth seed Rafael Nadal in the top half of the draw, with second seed Andy Murray projected to face off against third seed Stan Wawrinka in the other semifinal.

Sunday the world No. 1 and Shanghai Rolex Masters titleholder Novak Djokovic and world No. 3 and US Open champion Stan Wawrinka both met with the press.

"There is certainly something different when you' re playing against, practicing with a top player, because the quality of the training is obviously very high," Djokovic said. "I like always to train with Stan especially because we have a very friendly relationship and we get to train quite often Cheap Air Max 95 , especially before big tournaments."

Djokovic said his priorities are no longer the titles at the majors or the No. 1 ranking and with that he spoke of his motivation.

"The last three months were up and down a little bit with oscillations, but generally I didn' t find that kind of satisfaction on the court, which is the very reason and the source of my motivation to play the tennis," Djokovic said.

Wawrinka, meanwhile who won his third career major a month ago at the US Open Cheap Air Max 90 , says he feels good coming into the Shanghai Rolex Masters: "So far I' m quite happy with the practice. I would say (the courts are) a little bit faster than last year, but in general I'm feeling good."

He has twice reached the quarterfinals in Shanghai in six appearances, and spoke of how much he enjoys playing here.

"Always enjoy to come back," Wawrinka said. "I think we have a chance that the tournament is doing amazing job first for the player, not only on-site but also off-site if we want to discover the city Cheap Air Max , if we want to go to nice restaurant. So I always enjoy my time here, for sure."

On Sunday evening, Wawrinka and Tomas B. Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Authentic Jerseys   Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys   Cheap Basketball Jerseys   Wholesale Retro Jerseys   Wholesale NHL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys   Wholesale NCAA Jerseys