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board after 8 hours to start the installation, and within 24 hours after the completion. According to the design requirements of the location of the hole with a percussion drill, hole 10, into the grassroots wall depth of about 60, fixed anchor into the grassroots wall depth of about 50, to ensure solid and reliable. 2, the number of fixed pieces set by each board. 3, self-tapping screws should be squeezed tightly and

the expansion of engineering plastics and nail foam composite foam board surface slightly or slightly into the screw to ensure that the rear end of the expansion screw back screw, so that it fully anchored with the grassroots wall. Third, polished 1, uneven cement joints coated with coarse sandpaper, the action is a gentle circular motion, do not parallel along the slab parallel to the direction of grinding. 2, polished in

time with a brush to clean up the floating ash. Fourth, for decorative angle 1, according to the design requirements with ink pop-up need to do the location of the line angle, and horizontal and vertical correction. 2, groove angle slotted plate cut into the notch, the notch at the thinnest not less than 15. 3, convex angle should be cut according to the design size, the line angle and the corresponding foam

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