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pattern, set up an exhibition and exchange platform for the development of China's flooring industry, and promoted the entire flooring industry and even China's forest products industry It is of great significance to develop and promote international exchanges, cooperation and communication among industries. 'This conference belongs not only to the flooring industry but also to the entire forest products industry.' According to Li Yucai, accelerating the development of the forestry industry has become the trend of history and the

trend of the times in the light of the national low-carbon economy development strategy. Whether it is implementing the theme of scientific development,park pavillion plans with wood Change the mode of economic development as the main line of the general policy of the general guidelines for the development of the central economy, or to enhance the level of ecological civilization, climate change, safeguarding national timber safety, we must accelerate the development of forestry industry.vinyl wall panel interlock kit The flooring industry as an important pillar of forestry industry, it is

duty-bound. China is the world's largest flooring industry, producing, consuming and exporting the largest in the world. The World Flooring Conference was initiated by China. This conference is the second time for this industry event to be held in China. This World Flooring Conference is sponsored by China Association of Forest Products Industry and China Academy of Forestry.what can i use to cover a outdoor wood wall It is jointly organized by the China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Professional Committee and Shanghai 000 Yao Yiu Long Exhibition