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If you think designing and developing applications in IT companies for the large scale industries would help you to get a lot of money, it is just a mere truth these days. People were frenzy to join these companies and start earning. The internet industry and the mobile industry were no way there in the past. However, these two mediums have strike a chord in the traditional business channels and have given birth to new ways of doing business. With the launch of smart phones and tablets, these devices have brought services closer to the target audience. Hence, the need to develop appropriate applications for these devices is more and they are even proving to be profitable. These kinds of applications are determined to change the face of doing businesses.


Part Played By Mobile Devices In Digital Technology:


Google, Facebook and other online advertising companies have started garnering better profits. However, mobile devices contribute around 4 to 7% of their total profits. The number of smart phones and tablets are increasing like anything. Hence, the need to concentrate on advertising through these devices is gaining traction.


Growing Importance of Mobile Advertisements:


Facebook has recently said that its mobile advertising revenues are far better than expected. The click through rate is higher for mobile ads which stand at a staggering 23% when compared to traditional ads.


1. This industry alone is expected to churn out $20 billion in revenues in the next few years.


2. The ads are set to perform far better when the screen size becomes bigger and better.


3. The mobile operator services are expected to become better with 3G and 4G services in the future.


4. Promotional campaigns can be integrated with the mobile development platform.


5. Personalized and customized ads are being targeted to these users. A mobile device is not usually shared with anyone unlike a computer.


6. Intimate environment can easily be created for the mobile ads.


Mobile Applications On The Go:


Mobile applications help the users to take advantage of their tech-savvy devices. One can do wonders with their smart phone devices. A high end smart phone can easily replace your laptop for all your entertainment requirements. The iOS and Android devices are set to explode the market in the near future. The prices of these devices will get reduced drastically. There are several other manufacturers joining the race of selling smart phones. It has become very important for the business service vendors to target their audience this through channel.


Mobile audiences number ever increasing. However, getting proper revenues from them has been stagnated. It is important for the advertisers to be creative enough to create ads targeting the mobile users. There is a larger scope for the low budget advertisers to use this platform. If you are a business vendor, it is highly recommended to develop applications to reach out to your potential audiences. If you belong to a bunch of handpicked technology professionals, you also have the better opportunity to earn enough bucks by developing fine tuned applications targeting the mobile customers.



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